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Focus group on public spending and gender equality

Would you like to take part in a discussion about how to improve local public spending to meet women’s needs and expectations?

Image credit: Rosie the Riveter (Modern)

12 July 2019 Friday 12 pm

Everton Children’s Centre

Spencer Street, Liverpool L6 2WF

The University of Liverpool and the Women’s Organisation teamed up to investigate how local spending responds to women’s needs and expectations. But we cannot identify those needs and expectations without talking to women. That is why we are organising focus groups that will bring women together to talk about local public spending and their needs and expectations.

A focus group is an informal friendly discussion between a small group (no more than 10) of individuals. You do not need to be an expert to take part in the discussion. We will guide the discussion with simple questions. 

Lunch and refreshments will be provided. We will also provide a £15 voucher to express our gratitude for your participation.

If you’d like to participate please leave your name and email address at the Everton Children’s Centre reception or email the principal researcher, Dr Firat Cengiz  at firat.cengiz@liverpool.ac.uk

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