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Interdisciplinary Workshop – Critical Approaches to Competition

Critical approaches to competition, market regulation and (international) economic governance

The University of Liverpool 7-8 September 2018, LiverpoolMainstream research agendas in law, economics and political science studying the markets treat neoclassical principles as universal, unquestionable truths: free markets and competition create efficiency and productivity. Thus, they trump any other economic model both home and abroad. Local, national and international political institutions should embrace market principles and refrain from interfering with the market’s invisible hand. The mainstream research also relies on extremely complex and technical methodologies and discourses, which make it difficult for researchers who do not adopt the same methodologies and discourses to be a part of the conversation to offer alternative views.

The 2008 economic and financial crisis with its devastating effects on many societies opened a new window of opportunity for the reappraisal of neoclassical economic principles. Critical researchers increasingly question the ideological underpinnings of neoclassical economics to offer an alternative research agenda that is driven by principles of equality and solidarity. Despite the growing popularity of critical research, it does not always enjoy the same sounding platforms and publication outlets as the mainstream research that takes advantage of established communities and power structures.

Against this background, this workshop will bring together researchers from different disciplines, who aim to offer alternative and critical views on competition, market regulation and economic governance (with a broad definition). Papers from different disciplines that aim to adopt an alternative and critical view to neoliberal models in their field are welcome.

The workshop has got a scientific as well as a social aim: on the one hand it is hoped that the workshop will help researchers from different disciplines who engage in critical research to start (or continue) an interdisciplinary scientific dialogue. In addition, the workshop also aims to contribute towards community-building between critical researchers who at times face an isolating and demoralising task despite the exciting and fulfilling nature of the research.

For further information and to submit an abstract, please contact: firat.cengiz@liverpool.ac.uk

Deadline for abstracts: 2 July 2018

Venue: TBC

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