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EWIS Conference (Izmir, Turkey)

I and Gaye Güngör organised a workshop on ‘Post-Financial Crisis Governance in Europe’, in Izmir, Turkey on 21-24 May 2014 under the auspices of Second European Workshops in International Studies. In addition to my paper related to the Marie Curie Project, Gaye Güngör, Nikos Skoutaris, Martin Duchac and Klaus-Gerd Giesen presented papers on the workshop’s theme. The workshop’s abstract was as follows:

Abstract: This workshop aims to take stock of the European Union’s governance in the shadow of a sovereign debt crisis that quickly turned into a political one, and it also looks into future scenarios that would potentially improve democracy and legitimacy. Actions taken by the Union and the Member States to address the outcomes of the crisis rendered the already existing discrepancies in the Union’s governance more acute. Crucially, the crisis has further jeopardised the problematic relationship between the Union and its citizens, thus, taking the Union’s legitimacy and democracy deficit to a new level. We welcome both theoretical papers looking at the ever-complex relationship between democracy, legitimacy and sovereignty in the Union’s governance and empirical papers focusing on more specific aspects of post-crisis governance. This will be a multidisciplinary workshop composing of papers from various disciplines such as political science, law and economics among others. Comparative papers looking into political/citizen reactions in different Member States and the fragmentation in the Union’s governance between the debtor-creditor States as well as between the Eurozone members and others are particularly welcome. Likewise, papers can draw comparisons from the experiences of other polities and international institutions.